Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hop Fried Chicken

Chicken and hops are two obsessions of mine. Bringing them together a few months ago, I tried to make Hopcorn Chicken but failed to get the hop flavour into it – I didn’t use enough and the spices overpowered it. I also used a hop pellet, which is harsher and more potent than the flower of the same variety. So, Take Two took a different approach: chicken legs and whole flower hops.

What I wanted was the hop flavour, aromatics, floral quality and a little of the oily bitterness. In my mind they all complement fried chicken’s typical herb and spice mix. Having grabbed a handful of Citra flowers for some Home Hopping, I used one of the leftover flowers and crushed it in a pestle and mortar. Into that I added salt, white pepper, cayenne pepper, thyme, bay, cinnamon, paprika, turmeric, garlic salt, brown sugar and a little flour. I coated chicken legs in the mix and then cooked them in a hot oven until sizzling and golden (ignore that the name says ‘Fried’... frying food freaks me out so I go for the oven instead).

This time I got a lot of hop flavour into it. A citrusy bitterness, reminiscent of grapefruit pith, left a tang in the background to all the other spices, like the smoke left behind after fireworks have exploded. Next to it I had some of my homemade hot sauce, made with Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, and a cooling mountain of coleslaw made with beer mayonnaise (saison went in). A fantastic trio. The Hop Fried Chicken (aka Yakima Fried Chicken) is definitely something I’ll be cooking again – the bitterness added a little extra pow.

A triple-whammy of beer and food cooking. Sometimes I do leave out the beer when I cook dinner...


  1. Woah. That sounds awesome!

  2. Your hop fried chicken is ace. Looking at the photograph is making my gob water. I want a piece and I want one with beer! Splendid job!

  3. Hop Chicken? There's no way I'd have thought of that!

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  5. We really want to try this - could you give me a hint as to where I can find the hops please?

  6. BrewUK had Citra in stock when I looked at their website recently.

  7. Hop chicken. very interesting. I love chicken and want to try this soon.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Hi Mark! Your blog it's really fun! :)
    I love beer, too. I became your fan :)

    This recipe is interesting, I'll try.

    Have a nice day,
    An italian food blog.