Wednesday 5 January 2011

Pint? I’d schooner have two-thirds

I wrote about the two-thirds glass a while ago. I think it’s a great idea as it adds a further choice to the bar. Looking at comments here and here, some people seem to be saying that this is a terrible decision and will bring the death of the pint glass and the pub and then, presumably, our fine nation, which is just ridiculous. It’s about adding a further choice for the consumer, which is a great thing.

Why do people think this is a bad thing? Some suggest (from where, I don’t know) that it will mean prices are pumped up, but consumers won’t stand for that, will they? You won’t suddenly expect to pay £3 for a two-third and then £3.50 a pint when a pint previously cost £3… And I’m guessing that, like the one-third, it won’t be a compulsory measure and therefore only a few places will use it, but I do think that in time it will become a popular measure, perhaps even more so than the half pint, if it’s widely adopted by pubs.

The pint is not dead. It’s an institution as royal as the brand by its lip. Most people will still order most beers by the pint. The two-third glass is just an addition to what the consumer can choose from, which is a good thing, whether they want it for stronger beers, because they don’t want to drink a pint, because they want a fancy-shaped new two-third glass or whatever other reason. My only problem is the name ‘schooner’. Can’t we get something better than that?!

The two-thirds glass is coming to the pub. Is this a good thing?


  1. That Camra page made me angry! Another half hour of no work getting done as I wrote a ranting reply, Cheers Mark! ;-)

    I can understand that some might see it as an opportunity for some extra cash in the till, and consequently I'd expect them to lose trade as a result as noone likes to be conned in such a way. For all other landlords it should be seen as another way to convert more people to the wonders of beer! And as an enthusiastic drinker who leans more and more to the stronger stuff in search of flavours it makes sense, and hopefully less hangovers... 2/3's of Jaipur. Perfect.

    I hope it catches on to an extent, despite the british pint drinking culture, I know i've been asked to serve 2 1/3's of a strong beer in a pint glass on the odd occasion. As a 'craft' beer market continues to expand it's good that the choice is there waiting. Carry on shouting from the rooftops, Brew Dog.

  2. I think it's a good idea, as I posted here.

    As I said in the comments,

    "Obviously people look at this in different ways, but for me a half, especially in a brim glass, always seems too small and, unless I can use it to top up a pre-existing pint glass, feels like something of a distress purchase. It comes across as a bit daft when, on a CAMRA pub crawl, ten people pile into a pub and double the amount of halves the pub would otherwise have sold all evening.

    "On the other hand, there are circumstances where I want a beer, but am not looking to maximise consumption, where a schooner would seem perfectly adequate. So, personally, if schooners became widely accepted, I would often use them. In reality what could well happen is that they effectively supplant not pints but halves, which is maybe not what their proponents envisage. "

  3. I fully endorse members and visitors who visit the Egham United Services Club and our festivals wanting to drink a half pint instead of pint as there are lots to choose from; i myself often have a half; but i refused to server thirds and would not welcome two-thirds as an option. Pint or a half sir/madam? (third, half, two thirds or a good old fashioned pint sir/madam?)

    Also what about glassware? We have lots of glassware given to us by breweries but there is still a cost involved to the brewers; they have to make their money back somewhere! We have just ordered oversized pint glasses with the Half and Pint mark, our logo and the sponsoring breweries logo; its still a £1200.00.

    I dont see the benefit from either side to be perfectly honest.


  4. All this for a glass which is 34% bigger than the half pint? I might have been more understanding at 3/4 pint which would have given me an extra 50%.

    A whole extra third over a half pint is probably something close to a single mouthful - not worth the added expense to the industry really.

    Phyrric victory anyone?

  5. Good size glass for high ABV beer.

    Not mandatory for licencees to serve the measure, so it'll be taken on only by those who really want to.

    Perfect for pouring a 330ml bottle into.

    What's not to like?

    I may fill my Brewdog 2/3rds pint glass with some Hardcore tonight...

  6. Brian - a 2/3 of Jaipur would be an ideal amount! Of course, it's also quite good by the pint :)

    Curmudgeon - I completely agree with you.

    Richard - Why do you refuse it? As a drinker I like that it's widened the choice available. It's the same with wine, which now has a smaller measure. Of course there's the other side of the bar and a cost to breweries and pubs, but it's not a compulsory thing.

    Al - I drink quite a few 330ml bottles and that's become a natural volume to drink in one go so it's not much of a transition to step up and have a 2/3. Some breweries in some bars will benefit but it isn't for everyone. I don't see any problem with widening the choice drinkers have.

    Simon - Exactly.

  7. I like Schooner, but then I had a dog of the same name (born in The Schooner bar in Wexford :))

    Now, when are you lot switching to metric? :P :)

  8. "Now, when are you lot switching to metric?"

    We're not :p

  9. Yes, yes, yes. I love the idea - anything that lets me vary my beer drinking/tasting options is a good thing. We have had the pint for too long for it to die.

  10. I very seldom drink anything except pints in pubs so I'm pretty indifferent to this, though I did like the 1/3 pint line on GBBF glasses as it was useful for trying beers I was interested in but worried I might not like.

  11. I'm afraid the wonderful crown mark on pint glasses disappeared a couple of years back. Replaced with the exceedingly dull CE mark.

    Oh, and I think the 2/3 is a great idea. 2/3 of Hardcore is doable, a pint probably not!

  12. I have a Schooner at home and it is perfect for 330ml bottles, but I still would sooner order a pint. It could work well with richer, higher ABV beers, but not lagers or stouts.