Friday, 26 November 2010

Pencil, Spoon and a Shiny New Tankard

It was the British Guild of Beer Writers annual awards dinner and ceremony last night and I’m incredibly proud and excited to write that I won the Online Communicator/New Media category for the second year running!

I entered into five categories (why not, eh?) but it was the Online one that I wanted to win the most. I get up stupidly early to do it and I spend unreasonable amounts of time on it, but I do it because I love it.

Like Zak Avery’s post, I hope to write more but I’m in desperate need of a fry up, so the blog (for once!) will have to wait. I’ll be drinking in London today, say hello if you see me. 


  1. Well deserved, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Mark. A well-deserved honor.

  3. Congrats mate - well deserved!

  4. If i see you out today with your new shinny tankard, i will fill it with a congratulation drink!

    Top result!